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My mama. Birthed

six babies —

five of us would survive.

My mama. Grieved

the loss —

of her first-born son.

My mama. Brought

Joy —

into the world.

My mama. Woke

before the sun —

only to find the quiet.

My mama. Wrote

endless prayers —

in journals we…

A person in a red rain jacket against a grey sky stands on jagged rocks spanning across water.
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Falling in love fiercely

Falling with fear

Fear of loss

Fear of the unknown

Unknown struggles abound

Unknown hurts sprout up

Up from deep depths

Up from the ashes

Ashes of dead dreams

Ashes of old flames

Flames of passion dampen in time

Flames of desire still flicker

Flicker like…

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Warriors’ hearts, hardened for battle, reserve expectation the mind wages war within for years to come. I held no such belief. There were no boots laced up, nor goodbyes said, duffle bag in hand.

Standing before family and friends, I dressed in my finest. I professed the best of intentions…

Katie Joy Cochran

Maverick • Rambler • Veteran • Underdog Champion • Boldly Unbroken

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